John W Moore – Music Book
Green Court
Tyneside – England
June 5th 1841

This index relates to a manuscript book of country dance tunes written down by John W Moore of Tyneside, starting on June 5th, 1841. From the keys of the tunes it is thought that he was a fiddler. Nothing else is known of the man at this stage. The book is one of two, the first being a rough copy of the second. Both books are privately owned.

The Swiss Boy
A Quadrille
A Quadrille
A Waltz
The Pit Lad
A Scotch Reel
A Hornpipe
Charlie Steward’s Reel
A Hornpipe (by Tench)
Tant Tivey
A Hornpipe
Rory O’Moore
A Waltz
A Waltz
Kitty O Lynch
A Waltz Waltz
Reel (My Love is but a Lassie Yet)
The Humors of Glen
The Durham Rainger
The London March
I Lie Wee My Mammy
Nee Mair
The Soldier’s Joy
The Flowers of Edinburgh
The Keel Row (with variations)
Up Shinking (Ap Shenkin)
The Spotted Bitch (by James Hill)
Silver Street Lasses
Sicilian Dance
Lord Harwick’s March
Lady Mary Ramsey’s Reel
Blow The Wind Sutherly
A Quadrille Quadrille
Lysitit Tambour
The Ships Are Sailing
Henslem’s Waltz?
Pietschmann’s Waltz
I’ll Gang Nae Mair to Yon Town
Choeur des Montagnards
Monfrina Jig
The May Moon
Rob Roy’s Reel
Anna Bolena
Jack’s Alive
The Devil Among the Tailors Reel
The Morpeth Rant
Paddy’s Ramble
Wearmouth Lasses
Charlie is My Darling
Sir Sidney Smith’s Fancy
Shields Fair
The Irish Washerwoman
The College Hornpipe
The Hawk (A Hornpipe by James Hill)
The Green Hills of Tyrol
Gloomy Winter
Rachel Reay’s Rant
Harvest Long a’Coming
The Triumph
An Irish Jig
Off She Goes
Roy’s Wife of Aldivallock
Bonny Gordie
White Cockade
Orange and Blue
A Reel
Kitty of Colerain
Blanchland Races
Speed The Plough
Earl Moird’s Welcome to Scotland
Miss Hope’s Reel
Cammel’s Rondeau
Cylph Dance
The Maid of Anachor
Lord McDonald’s Reel
Tullock Gorum
4th Dragoons March
Lord Nelson’s Hornpipe
Queen of Russia’s Waltz
Jenny Nettle
Huntsman’s Chorus
Pollacco? Waltz
All’s Well (Braham)
O Then Dearest Ellen, I’ll Love Thee No More
Staten Island Hornpipe
The New Corsuir?
Lord Cathcart
Drops of Brandy
Bang Up Jig
The Jinky Reel
Mrs Gilbert
Prince Regent
Highland Watch
Duke of York’s March
Small Coals
Golden Egg
Paddy O Carrel
Miller of Drone
The Hen’s Concert
Jockey To The Fair
Paddy Whack
O’er The Hills And Far Away
Caller Herring
Mill Mill O March
Highland Reel
Irish Fox Hunt
Fox’s Lamintation
Highland Reel
Hexham Races
Miss Johnson’s Reel
Preston Hornpipe (by Dixon)
Ranger’s Frolic
Jennie’s Bawbee
Vienna Waltz
Gustavus and Galloppe
Cuckoo Solo