SANDS, Thomas ms INFO

Thomas Sands’ MS book was in private ownership, but has been donated to the VWML (2013)

The book is 11 1/2″ wide and 9″ tall. It is dated March 12th 1810. In sideways script is the word ‘Rye Garth’ – which is a rare field name, found in the village of Grainsby in the late 1700s. The lord of the manor of Grainsby in 1810 was one Thomas Sands. (Research by Ruairidh Greig, who ABC’d the collection for the VMP)

It contains 270 tunes. The ‘TS’ numbers are the Village Music Project index numbers allocated to the tune.

The first seven tunes are bound in separately.

There is an index and PDFs of the original at Folkopedia