Swinton, Lancashire.
Referred to by VMP code in the tune titles as TLY.
Tunes transcribed into ABC code by Taz Tarry.
This is a fiddler’s manuscript book of about 200 tunes of all types. It includes some tunes that might indicate ability or interest in flute, clarinet, and more than a few of the marches would be very suitable for brass instruments.
On the end paper is written in a neat copperplate hand; –
“William Tildsley’s Book, Swinton, 1860, Violin Player”
Also several other names in the top right corner, including in a much
later hand:-
“J.Cooke, Egerto.., Worsley…,”then becomes illegible on my photocopy.
On the next page is written in a looser but not unattractive hand:-
“Samuel Tyldsley, Swinton, 1860, near the toll barr, Valley Bal…,
Wm. Tyldsley under the sun, Wm. is a bad man stone Breaking,
and he has not broken 3 tons, 1865”.Evidence of some good-natured sibling
rivalry, perhaps, and some roguishness.
It resides in City of Salford Cultural Services Department Archive Centre.
It was given to Salford by Mr. Thomas Collier, of Swinton, in 1957,
accompanied by the following letter:
“To Mr. Cotton, Dear Sir,
I have in my possession a book once owned by Wm. Tyldsley known as
‘Owd Billy Tilt’. It is a book of Hornpipes etc played by him at the old
dinnering days at Willoghbys*,The White Lion(a note at the bottom of the
page adds ‘Willoughby Gilbody’). It is in Manuscript.
If anything happened to me this book might be scrapped and given to the
dustbin man.
I think it is a real link with the past.
If you think the same I should be glad to let you have it at any time to
add to your collection.
I am yours, Thomas Collier.”
And there it lay undisturbed until 1998.
Our thanks must go to Mr. Collier for his foresight and generosity.
Introduction by Chris Partington, VMP.