CAHUSAC (Publisher)

Thomas Cahusac Senior traded from the sign of ‘Two Flutes and Violin’ opposite St Clements Church in The Strand (No.196), a site now occupied by The Yorkshire Building Society. He was a maker of violins and flutes as well as being a publisher and music seller.

He’s known to have been in business since 1755 and the project has accessed an early publication of 24 country dances from 1758.

The two sons, Thomas and William were in partnership following Thomas Senior’s death in 1798, although Thomas Cahusac Junior was evidently in business earlier on his own account according to a music sheet in the British Museum dated 1782 and published at Great Newport Street near Long Acre, in the heart of ‘theatre land’.

By 1802, William is still at The Strand but Thomas has set up independently at 79, Holborn as an instrument maker.

The project has accessed William’s publication of 24 country dances for 1809 but the latest known about is 12 dances for 1814.

There is a record of a musician called William Cahusac in 1829 living in Bexley Kent but it’s not known if this is the same man in later life. The rarity of the name suggests that it might be.

John Adams